Friday, October 23, 2009

Waiting in Vain

This photos were taken in "Stasiun Kota", an old train station in the center-north district of Jakarta. It wasn't as enjoyable as taking photos in the museum, but it was very challenging. Last time I shot using 14-42mm lens, but now I used 40-150mm lens, which was obviously a wrong decision to make because I couldn't get good photos. And so instead of showing the story of the station, I did candid camera. It was my first time doing candid, so I hope you like them...


  1. Indra, I think in photography there are no right and wrong with lenses. Think as simple as clicking the shutter button... hahahaha
    I like the photo of the old man with dark blue shirt. From your photo, I can feel that he had a lot of heavy burdens in his mind. May Allah help him.
    Your picts are great Ndra.. I love them..

  2. Mas Indra,
    I also like 'the old man with dark blue shirt" photo.
    I do agree with Pak Aji. May Allah help him whatever his burden is.
    This photo really shoot my deepest heart. I feel so grateful - nothing else.