Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking @ you...

Mas Aji, He was looking at you.. he he he...


  1. Hi Ndra, Nice..nice... I like this alot. From his face, I think that my appearance made him little bit annoyed. Sorry to him.. :-)

  2. He was probably annoyed that we're taking pictures, while he was waiting in vain for a never arrived train.. Sorry to him too...

  3. This is a really well framed photograph, the content is great. Well done.

  4. Dear Mark,
    Thank you for visiting my photoblog, and I really appreciate your time to put some comments, concerning your experience in the world of photography. Thanks so much and have a nice weekday.. :)

  5. Dear Indra,

    Gosh - that is some request...

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    These photographers are the ones that experienced and discovered the world of photography, and tantalise us with their ideas and amazing captures.

    I would really recommend for any photographer to buy it.

    Best regards,